Making Payments

Skype English Lesson Prices

30-Minute Trial Lesson FREE
1  45-Minute Lesson $35 USD

4  45-Minute Lessons $132 USD
(SAVE $2 per lesson)

8  45-Minute Lessons $240 USD
(SAVE $5 per lesson)

12  45-Minute Lessons $336 USD
(SAVE $7 per lesson)

*Scholarships available for women showing a demonstrable need for financial assistance. Contact us to get more information.


Paying for Your Skype Lessons:

1. Select the number of lessons you wish to pay for by clicking on the arrow. 2. Click on the “Buy Now” button which will take you to the PayPal website. 3.  Follow the steps on PayPal to make your payment. 4. Return to the Enrolled Students Contact Page on this website and fill out the form to let us that your payment has been made. 5. Go to our Scheduling Page to schedule your lessons.

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