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Once you have paid for your lessons on PayPal and booked your first lesson, you are ready to begin your Skype English course. To initiate an English lesson, your teacher will call you on Skype at the designated time of your appointment, and your lesson will begin when you accept the Skype call. Each lesson will last 45 minutes. During your lesson, you will engage in clear video and audio interaction with your teacher who will give you individualized language instruction designed to help you achieve your language and personal goals. Your teacher may use an online whiteboard, Skype screen sharing, or instant messaging to easily share visual material with you. In addition, you will have access to useful learning materials and links to Internet resources.  To continue your language learning between Skype English lessons, you may write comments on the Blog or visit

Using Skype
Comfort & Joy English uses an internet telephone service called Skype to give you one on one English language lessons, which means you can learn English almost anywhere. Skype is a totally free software that is very safe and easy to install. Sign up for a FREE Skype account by clicking

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What You Need
All you need for a video Skype English Lesson is a computer with High Speed Internet connection (Not Wi-Fi!), a web camera,  a hands-free headset with a microphone (optional, but strongly suggested), available cheaply from all computer shops, and Skype.

Using PayPal
Comfort & Joy English uses PayPal for our online payment transactions. PayPal is internationally recognized as the most safe way to transfer money from your bank account, or send money using your credit card.

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