Comfort & Joy Sisters


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Transforming Lives
Serving humanity by making Skype English lessons available to women all over the world enabling them to find their personal voice and inner power to overcome challenges and transform their lives and their communities.

Feminine Approach
Offering women a unique English-learning experience with a teacher who is nurturing, compassionate, insightful, and uplifting. Through an ongoing dialog on conversation topics that are women-focused, personal growth and healing for both the student and the teacher can occur.  Speaking is from the heart; soul-to-soul connections are made. It is a feminine approach to language teaching and learning.

Global Community
Creating an online community of women called “Comfort & Joy Sisters” where speakers of English as a second language and English mentors communicate with and inspire each other. This community provides a safe space for women to examine and talk about their hopes, dreams, challenges, and ways to be the change they want for  themselves, their family, community, and the world. Our belief is that women connecting with other women of different cultures can be a remarkably rewarding, life-changing experience that can help improve international understanding and bring us harmony.

Affordable Lessons
Providing scholarships to women with financial hardships so they may take Skype English lessons at low-cost or free of charge through government grants, corporate and foundation funding, and personal donations.

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