Teaching With Kindness

Kathy Brook-Wong, the creator of Comfort & Joy English, is many things. Among them, she is a wife, mother of two teenagers, teacher, cultural anthropologist, philanthropist, and visionary. Her lifelong passion for helping people improve their lives through learning English has recently seeded and blossomed into a dream to bring English lessons and mentoring to women outside of her native country with the aid of the Internet.

Kathy has been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in the United States and English as a Foreign Language (EFL)  in Japan since she was 20 years old. She has taught at several schools in the United States including University of California, Irvine, Long Beach City College, California State University, Long Beach, Cerritos College, and Irvine Adult School. Kathy is presently teaching ESL, English Fundamentals for the GED/High School Diploma, and U.S. Citizenship Preparation at Santa Ana City College.

While living in Tokyo, Japan, Kathy taught English in various educational  and business settings such as Mitsubishi Trading Corporation. In addition, Kathy appeared on NHK television programs and narrated a textbook and audio-cassette series. Besides being proficient in Japanese, she can speak Spanish and a little Korean and Hebrew.

Kathy has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America where she enjoys interacting with native people and learning about their cultures and languages.

Kathy’s rich and varied teaching background, academic degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics (both from California State University, Long Beach), and capacity to treat her students with respect, warmth, compassion, and kindness enable her to be both an effective and inspiring educator and mentor.

 “To own my voice, to unleash the sound of my spirit, to communicate the energy of my deeper self, means that I am always singing my song, the unique song of my being-ness. When that quality emerges, others who listen will be inspired to sing theirs.”          Ellie Drake